CFA - Continuous Flow Analyzer - Multiparametric Analyzer




Nordtest can provide multiparameter laboratory analyzer able to automate the various stages of analysis repoducing EPA, ASTM or ISO/DIN methods.

These analyzers allows to increase the efficiency of laboratory operations, the amount of samples analyzed, the accuracy (eliminating human error), the reproducibility of the results, simply by automating analytical methods required official (ISO, EPA, Standard Methods , etc..).

Possible field of application are:

- Water (drinking water, wastewater, marine, surface, etc.).
- Soil, Agricultural Products
- Fertilizers
- Wine
- Beer, Malt
- Food, drinks, milk, etc..
- Tobacco
- Detergents
- Pharmaceutical

Some advantages:

- The high degree of flexibility and modular structure with which it was designed
- The wide range of automated determinations
- The simultaneity of performance analysis with respect to various parameters
- The ability to manage every stage of analysis-by software (setting time of start-up and shut-down of the instrument, overnight analysis without interruption, dilution of the sample pre-dilution of the standard solution and obtaining different standards of work, useful for the automatic determination of the calibration line)
- The absence of any possible contamination of the hydraulic part is visible to the operator while the system is completely closed to external agents of any kind
- The speed of execution of the analyzes: from 20 to 140 tests per hour
- The opportunity to use a special detector with optical correction for difficult matrices such as seawater.