COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand - Total Phosphate - Total Nitrogen - Ammonium - Metals


Product: SP2000 - TEST KIT


Ready-to-use photometric tests are being used by many water laboratories around the world.
A lot of suppliers offer these kits for many important parameters in water and wastewater analysis such as COD, TotalPhosphate, Total Nitrogen, Ammonium, Nitrite and others.
The usage of these kits is simple and safe, but still requires many different manual handling steps in the analysis procedure such as sample pipetting, (un)screwing of the tube caps and tube transfer.
Especially when the sample amount increases or different parameters have to be analyzed, this process can be very tedious and time consuming.
In response to this, Skalar has developed the SP2000 robotic analyzer series for the complete automation of ready-to-use test kits.
The analyzer is a fully automated solution for handling the sample pipetting, mixing, heating, cooling and measurement of any water or wastewater sample using photometric test kits.
With this new analyzer Skalar offers a modular and advanced sample handling system.
The platform is designed to fit your exact laboratory requirements regarding sample throughput, sample capacity, level of automation, with different combinations of automated applications etc.
The SP2000 robot can be built to accommodate 48 up to 336 tubes in one batch.
The analyzer can handle test kits and photometers from different suppliers (like Hach, Macherey-Nagel, Merck, Lovibond and others).
The robot provides combined automation for COD, Total Phosphate, Total Nitrogen, Ammonium and others.

These multiple applications can be processed in parallel or sequentially at an individual sample level.
The analyzer can be configured with a second robotic arm to increase sample throughput by using a second gripper and sample needle and stirrer or to perform additional tasks such as test kit analysis combined with another application such as BOD.
The platform has protective front and side covers to comply with applicable CE regulations and is powered by the very practical and flexible RoboticAccess software package, which includes pre-installed application files containing the analysis sequence, user definable sample table set up and extensive QC features.
The platform is upgradeable to meet your future demands and changing needs making your initial investment even more valuable.
Select the best pre-configured automation solution for your laboratory or create your own individual system according to your specific needs together with us.