Heater Tube AdSystem - Thermal Oxydation Rig

We are now offering Thermal Oxydation Rig Heater Tubes from AdSystem

Heater Tube AdSystem - Thermal Oxydation Rig

We are now offering Thermal Oxydation Rig Heater Tubes from AdSystem

Since 2010 AD Systems has developed innovative apparatus for ASTM D3241, targeting continuous
improvement of this test method. Beginning with the introduction of the DR10 Deposit Rater, the first instrument available in the market for metrological heater tube rating which provided deposit thickness based on optical interferometric technology (ITR), our emphasis has always been the elimination of subjectivity associated with the visual rating. This success was followed by the TO10 Thermal Oxidation Test Rig which was introduced in 2019 and exceeds the requirements of the D3241 method while improving upon the userexperience and repeatability of deposit profiles.

Today we are proud to announce the availability of AdSystem Heater Tubes.
ADsystem heater tubes

Specific Design

The design and finishing process goes beyond what ASTM D3241 requires. The tube machining uses a patented
method for perfect and reproducible surface finishing.
The AD Systems Heater tubes are rigorously quality-controlled, thus ensuring the highest quality of the surface
finish of the deposition area.

AD Systems Heater Tubes associated with the TO10 and the DR10 will improve the precision of your results

Enhanced serial number engraving

The tubes supplied by AD Systems have enhanced serial number
engraving to have perfect reading on the DR10 instrument.
Easy coding: year of manufacture, AD for AD Systems followed
by the order number.

AD Systems recommends usage of AD Systems heater tubes to guarantee better repeatability of deposit. AD
Systems heater tubes conform to the ASTM D3241/IP323 requirement and are compatible with all models of
oxidation test rig.


The Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test is universally used by the industry to measure high temperature stability of aviation turbine fuels. The ASTM D3241 is required to be run on every batch of Jet Fuel produced according to ASTM D1655 or DEF STAN 91-91 specifications. In this test method the fuel is pumped through heater tube at fixed flow rate and during a specified period of time. The fuel is pass or fail rated according to the amount of deposit formed on the heater tube at specified temperature.
Traditionally the amount of deposit on the tube is rated visually by the operator against reference color scale.
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