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The B30 Series Concentration Meters are perfectly suited for applications where two liquid concentrations need to be measured and monitored with a high degree of accuracy.
The Concentration Meter B31 is specially developed for the semiconductor and flat panel industry to measure in ternary solutions such as TMAH+PR (a product of the LCD display manufacturing process).
The instrument can also be used in other applications, for example in the electroplating process where it measures the solution of Sulphuric Acid and Copper (H2SO4 and CU++).
The Concentration Meter B31 displays real-time information of the measured concentrations and measures with an exceptionally high accuracy up to +/- 0.0001 wt% (= 1 ppm).
The concentration meter can offer this high accuracy due to the new sensor materials that are used.
Another advantage is the extremely high chemical resistance of the wetted parts which makes the instrument suitable for a wider range of applications.
The concentration meter has an innovate modular design, consisting of two boxes with the electronics and liquids separated.
The sensor box employs one sensor which measures the sound velocity, electrical conductivity and temperature at the same time.
The three measured physical parameters are used to calculate and define the two concentrations of a liquid solution.

Easy installation
The modular design of the B31 results in very easy installation.
The installation and replacement has never been so easy and is done in four steps.
Typical places for installation are in concentration management systems or other systems which are used for chemical supply in the production process of semiconductors, solar panels, LCD displays or in the chemical industry.


- Exceptionally high accuracy up to ± 0.0001 wt%
- High stability due to reliable electronics
- Extremely high chemical resistance of the wetted materials
- Wide range of possible applications
- Easy installation (installed in four steps)
- Easy operations with new interface
- Touch-sensitive buttons for lab gloves
- Alarm settings and multiple functions
- 4-20mA/HART communication
- Optional converter for Modbus RTU
- USB connection for data and system log
- Compact modular design with electronics and liquid parts separated
- Higher temperature response speed than conventional systems
- No moving parts