Grinder - XRF - WDX - sample preparation




The new Chemplex® SpectroMicronizing Mill is a compact bench-top sample grinder used for reducing sample particles to micron level sizes suitable for XRD diffraction, XRF fluorescence, IR infrared and AA atomic absorption analysis. The sample is placed in a reusable grinding vessel which is prefilled with many hardened grinding elements. The SpectroMicronizing mill rapidly moves the grinding vessel such a manner that causes the grinding elements to repetitively impact each other trapping the sample between them. This motion causes the sample with the initial particle sizes in the 1-2mm range to break down in size to the micron level while maintaining the original crystal lattice structure.
The SpectroMicronizing Mill is engineered to be simple to use, easily operated with one hand and all controls are accessed through a touch-screen user interface. The SpectroMicronizing Mill allows the user to program the traditional operating parameters; grinding speed and duration. It even boasts more advanced operating features unique to the SpectroMicronizing Mill programmable grinding speed and duration profile, refer to Grinding Speed Vs. Duration figure.
The SpectroMicronizing Mill has an optional dither selection which is an automatic speed variation over time, refer Grinding Speed Vs. Duration with Dither, which can be enabled in both the basic and advanced operating modes.
The SpectroMicronizing Mill incorporates on-board memory to allow all operating mode parameters to be stored in one of several locations so it can be easily recalled for future use which allows the user to achieve consistent results.
Typical Samples
The SpectroMicronizing mill is ideally suited for grinding Asbestos, bones, borides, carbides, cement, ceramics, clay, glass, graphite, metals, mica, minerals, muscular tissue, nitrides, paper, pigments, plant materials, slate, silicates, straw, talcum and most sample substances requiring micron-size particles.