Segmented flow analyzer - nutrients - ISO - DIN - USEP - environmetal - water - sea water


Brand: SEAL


The Future of Segmented Flow Analyzers is Here!
The AA500 is the top-of-the-line AutoAnalyzer incorporating the latest innovations to deliver your laboratory the freedom of total automation while achieving very high precision and the lowest detections levels. The AA500 is the AutoAnalyzer you've been waiting for- total automation, ultralow detection, multitest chemistries, high throughput.

Innovation and Intelligent Technologies
The SEAL AA500 AutoAnalyzer gives you total automation-just program and leave! Designed by our chemists for chemists.
- Ultra-low detection limits
- Total automatic startup & shutdown including automated platen engage and release, self-wash, auto standards and dilution
- Easy reagent management with auto-level sensing
- Multi-test manifolds for different nutrients with no hardware changes
- New, all-in-one housing design is both compact and modular
- Easy to upgrade

The AutoAnalyzer Designed for Environmental Analysis
The SEAL AA500 AutoAnalyzer incorporates features exclusive to SEAL AutoAnalyzers, and is designed specifically for environmental applications, making it ideal for analyzing nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, fertilizer and plant extracts.

Feature Packed Top-of-the-Line AutoAnalyzer
- Uses Segmented Flow Analysis principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion
- All-in-one housing uses modular components to deliver a compact analyzer with more organization and more powerful control
- Uses less bench space
- System modules can be standalone or used to replace AA3 modules
- Full software control, including automatic platen engage and release
- High reproducibility
- Low reagent consumption
- Ultralow detection limits
- High Resolution (HR) Digital Photometers standard
- Stable LED light source
- Glass coils: chemically inert and easy visual checks
- Over 700 documented applications, including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods
- Quick method change over
- Wide range: dilution of sample rarely necessary
- Same wavelength referencing in real time
- Multitest manifolds
- Dual range multitest methods for high and low ranges
- Cadmium column switching valves
- No adjustment required after lamp or flowcell replacement
- Multispeed peristaltic pumps
- Add samples after run has started

Total Automation- Set and Leave Operation
Auto startup, auto method changeover, and auto shutdown including valve/ reagent wash and automatic platen engage and release.

Modular & Compact
The all-in-one housing, uses modular components to deliver a compact analyzer with more organization, more integration and more powerful control, all while using less bench space. System modules can be standalone or used to replace AA3 modules.

High Resolution Digital Photometer
The high resolution dual beam LED digital photometer delivers long life, low maintenance, and the lowest detection levels, even in extreme environments. Optional LED wavelength modules 250nm- 880nm. Optional 10-50mm flow cells.

High Performance Chemistry Module
The chemistry manifold uses an easy fix system to position precision glass components. Glass is chemically inert and enables quick, easy visual checks & cleaning. Distillation, gas diffusion, dialysis and UV digestion can also be incorporated. Optional multitest manifolds available for quick method changeover.

Multitest Manifold
- Multi-Test Manifolds for up to 16 different analyses
- Multi-Test Manifolds for:
- Water & Waste Water
- Soil and Plant extracts
- Seawater
- Tobacco
- Feeds
- Fertilizers

Advanced Sampling
AA500 Samplers are fast, robust and available with various rack sizes to meet your sample requirements. Samples can be added at any time during the run.