QCM - Quartz Crystal Microbalance - affinity - Kinetics


Brand: Q SENSE


Q Sense High Pressure provides a unique solution for you to explore oil related surface interactions in real-time and under real-life conditions.
This instrument Enables measurements under high pressure and temperature.
This instrument can meet the needs of research labs where it is relevant to study processes happening under high pressure and/or temperature conditions.
Various examples: food processing, polymer research. General request for Oil& Gas related research:
- Increasing oil yield
- Fouling of pipes
- Build-up in engines

Is available as standard configuration but can be also configured to meet different needs in terms of pressure level, samples and sample handling or for gas phase measurements.
Q Sense High Pressure standard configuration consisting of a high pressure-temperature chamber and flow cell, a high-pressure pump, a complete liquid handling unit and an electronics unit.
Experimental capabilities: Working temperature4 to 150 °C Working pressure 90 to 200 bar Samples up to 3 liquid samples including bulk liquid.
The Q Sense High Pressure system can be configuredâ?"initially or at a later point with additional sample cylinders, extended pressure from 0 -300 Bar (change Back Pressure Regulator (BPR), own liquid management set-up.
Several relevant sensor materials are available -from minerals and sand materials found in oil reservoirs to steels and oxides used in pipelines and engines: 50 standard materials including metals, oxides, carbides and polymers - e. g: Gold, SiO2, SS2343 and SS2348 stainless steel, Iron oxide, Kaolinite.
Additional materials, including steels, calcite and other minerals, can be customized upon request.