Mercury - EPA 1631 - EPA 245.7 - EPA 7474 - BS ISO 17852 (previously EN13506)


Brand: PSA


Mercury analysers are now an essential tool for all analytical laboratories as mercury which is extremely toxic to humans is a major contaminant throughout our environment.

Analysts therefore need a versatile analyser in order to measure mercury in all the types of material which may be presented to them.
PSAnalytical designed a range of high performances analysers for the analysis of mercury in all types of samples. The two main models are:

MILLENNIUM MERLIN, for liquid and solid samples:

Applications include environmental samples (e.g. mercury in ground water, sea water, well water, bottled water and drinking water), foods (e.g. mercury in fish, rice, vegetables, tea & milk), biological samples (e.g. mercury in urine, blood and hair), industrial samples (e.g. mercury in effluents, aluminium, zinc electrolytes, paper, incineration ash, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda, fly ash, sulphur, and brines), and petrochemical chemical samples including; mercury in naphthas, crude oil, condensates, formation waters and other petrochemical products.

SIR GALAHAD, for gaseous samples.

Their analyzers combine the advantages of vapor generation techniques which removes most chemical interferences with the sensitivity and selectivity of atomic fluorescence spectrometry which allows mercury analysis down to sub ppt detection limits.

The toxicity, biochemical behaviour and transportation of mercury in the environment is highly dependent on its physic-chemical form. It has been shown that organo mercury compounds, which may be up to one thousand times more toxic than inorganic mercury, may also be formed through methylation of inorganic mercury by organisms and bacteria.
It is possible to equip PSAnalytical instruments with a KIT for SPECIATION, which guarantees good separation and sensitivity in order to quantify the individual species with both accuracy and precision.