ASTM D323 - D4953 - ISO 3007 - IP69




The ASTM D323, D4953, ISO 3007, IP69 and other similar test methods cover procedure for the determination of vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil, and other volatile petroleum products, components and feedstocks.
This method is suitable for testing air-saturated liquid samples that exert an air-saturated vapour pressure between 9,0 kPa and 180,0 kPa at 37,8 °C.
This test method called Reid method is part of many petroleum product specifications.
The method is particularly suitable for the determination of vapor pressure of crude oil for transportation, storage and general handling purpose.
The AutoREID apparatus from AD systems is a modern automated instrument in full compliance with ASTM D323-B and similar standards.
The instrument directly measures the Reid vapor pressure (RVP) without correlation or calculation.
Modern ergonomic design, high level of test automation, convenience in operation makes the AutoREID considerable alternative to mini-methods for precise vapor pressure measurement.
Compact instrument with two measurement positions allows performing two simultaneous measurements independently.
An additional position in the bath is dedicated for air chamber conditioning to increase the test productivity.
The standard REID test pressure vessels with fast coupling assure fast and easy operation.
The AutoREID design allows testing relatively viscous and sticky samples or samples containing mechanical sediments without a risk of the instrument damage.
All parts of the test pressure vessel are easy to disassemble and clean. Vigorous mechanical agitation accelerates pressure stabilization even on "difficult" samples like crude oil.


The instrument is designed for easy plug and go operation in full compliance with ASTM D323-B test method.
After the test vessel is connected by a quick connector the measurement starts automatically.
The pressure vessel is agitated by reverse rotation and the pressure curve is displayed in real time on the large graphic screen.
As soon as the maximum stable pressure is reached the test stops automatically and saturated vapor pressure (RVP) is recorded.
Two simultaneous measurements can be run independently.

Test documenting

All details related to each test result are memorized. Complete test report including sample ID, operator name, date/time, RVP value, pressure curve is displayed on the screen and saved into non-volatile memory.
It can be printed, transferred on a USB memory stick and/or send to a LIMS when the AutoREID is connected to a LAN.
Multi-criteria search function facilitates retrieval of test report in the built-in database.

Quality and Safety

To assure high quality of results and safety of operation the watchdog system permanently monitors the bath temperature stability, for pressure leaks, bath liquid level, overpressure or overheating.
Transparent bath cover helps for visual inspection of the pressure vessels during the test.
Instrument calibration is easy to perform on-site via a dedicated menu.
Pressure transducers can be checked against a reference manometer at any time. The special T-connector for each measurement position is built-in for this purpose. The bath temperature can be checked with reference thermometer. The bath cover has a special opening for this purpose. All information related to the instrument calibration is memorized in the journal to ensure a perfect traceability. The instrument calibrations are date/time tagged and calibration interval can be managed in the software.


The AutoREID is a modern vapor pressure instrument for routine applications at every location where quality of petroleum products is evaluated in accordance with test methods ASTM D323, D4953, ISO 3007, IP69 and its analogs.
The AutoREID design allows testing relatively viscous and sticky samples or samples containing mechanical sediments without any risk of the instrument damage.

- Direct REID vapor pressure measurement
- Highest level of test automation
- Two independent measurements positions
- Perfectly suited for testing viscous and difficult products
- Full traceability, complete result documenting
- Small foot print, fast warm up, precise measurements
- Modern user-friendly interface