ASTM F3004-13 - Seal Inspection


Brand: PTI
Product: SEAL-SENSOR 512


Seal-Sensor utilizes ultrasound technology that provides non-contact seal inspection solutions for offline laboratory use and high speed 100% online applications. Seal-Sensor is a very rapid, reliable method that provides an instant reading of seal presence and quality.
Seal-Sensor detects incomplete seals, partial or weak areas in seals, and many common defects in seals that appear visually acceptable yet possess defects that affect product quality, value and shelf-life. A single linear scan (L-Scan) of the seal takes only a few seconds and produces a pass/fail result as well as quantitative traceable data.

- Fast, non-destructive, non-invasive, no sample preparation
- Scans materials regardless of color, transparency, print, surface finish and porosity
- Suitable for 100% online as well as offline process control
- Beneficial in R&D, package development and production applications
- Repeatable and reliable results
- Eliminates subjective, variable results of manual vision inspection methods
- Economical, cost effective solution for pouch seal integrity testing