ASTM D 4684 - ASTM D 3829 - ASTM D 6821 - ASTM D 6896 - SAE J300




-Thermoelectrically-Cooled with Enhanced Temperature Control and Test Precision
-Measures Yield Stress and Viscosity
-Nine-Cell Capacity/Carbon Fibre Rotor Shafts

Like the CMRV-5000, the CANNON CMRV-4500 Mini-Rotary Viscometer is designed to measure yield stress and viscosity of drive line lubricants* and new and used automotive engine oils over a temperature range of -5°C to -40°C, meeting ASTM D 4684, D 3829, D 6821*, and D 6896 requirements.
* Requires optional drive line rotor kit.

Instrument Description

The CMRV-4500 contains nine small rotary viscometers within a thermostated aluminum block. The CMRV-4500 is cooled with built-in thermoelectric modules, eliminating the need for methanol-based external refrigeration devices. The CMRV-4500 uses a compact air/water heat exchanger that circulates a mixture of coolant water and antifreeze through the instrument to cool the hot side of the thermoelectric cells.
The result is a quiet, low-maintenance system without potentially hazardous refrigerants.
Solid-state thermoelectric cooling provides superb temperature uniformity for all nine test cells, removing temperature gradients not only from the left to the right side of the block, but also from front to back and top to bottom.
A dry gas purge includes a side-mounted flow meter with a needle-valve adjustment, the resultant dry air flow to the test environment helps improve precision and avoid condensation around the test cells.

Accessories for Models CMRV-4500 & CMRV-5000

Multi-Unit Interface Kit

The Multi-Unit Interface Kit enables a single PC to control up to four CMRV-4500 or four CMRV-5000 instruments with a single computer.
With this kit an operator can simultaneously run and monitor completely different cooling profiles on each instrument, track and display data for each instrument, and perform yield stress and viscosity tests on samples in as many as 36 viscometric cells.
The Interface Kit comes with an RS-232/485 Converter, AC Power Adaptor, Interconnect wires, and Configuration instructions.

Thermometers/Cell Caps

Thermometers appropriate for ASTM D 4684 and ASTM D 3829 tests are available from CANNON.
Cell caps for enhanced temperature control are included with each instrument.
Replacement caps may also be ordered.