Contact Angle - Wettability - Surface Tension - Surface Free Energy - Adhesion - Interfacial Rheology - Cleaniness




Attension optical tensiometers are used in research, development and quality control to determine contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension, interfacial tension, surface free energy and interfacial rheology. They are the sole instruments in the market able to measure Surface Roughness and to combine that value with contact angle measurement.

These measurements provide information on material properties such as wettability, adhesion, absorption, spreading, adsorption, cleanliness, surface heterogeneity and emulsion stability.

Attension optical tensiometers, Theta Flex and Theta Lite, capture drop images and analyze the drop shape as a function of time. The quality of measurement thus depends on the quality of pictures, affected by the sample handling and environment, and the analysis software.

Theta Flex and Theta Lite run with the OneAttension software which provides all measurement and analysis capabilities in one package. OneAttension enables superior analysis of drop shapes in real time using for instance the Young-Laplace equation, which is the reference method first brought to optical tensiometers by Attension.

High resolution cameras ensure perfect image quality and a monochromatic cold light source is used to minimize undesirable sample evaporation. The open architecture allows easy sample placement and operations.

Theta Flex is an advanced optical tensiometer able to perform fully automatic measurements (completely automated dinamic contact angle measurement) and suitable for the most demanding research and industrial applications.

A range of sample stages, liquid dispensers, cameras and accessories allows you to select the desired level of automation and performance. The flexible OneAttension platform allows customization to add further measurement capabilities. Among the New accessories and modules we highlight the TOPOGRAPHY MODULE and the HIGH PRESSURE CHAMBER.

Theta Lite is a manual optical tensiometer for simple and accurate measurements of contact angle, surface free energy and surface/interfacial tension. Theta Lite is commonly used for routine measurements, education and quality control.

- contact angle
- dynamic contact angle
- wettability
- surface tension
- interfacial tension
- surface free energy
- interfacial rheology
- surface heterogeneity
- adhesion
- absorption
- spreading
- adsorption
- cleanliness

These properties are pivotal in studying and developing engineered surfaces and technical liquids. They are also valued information when controlling solid surface and liquid quality. Optical tensiometry is an extremely accurate and versatile technique used for characterization of both liquids and solids in virtually any kind of industry or field of research.

Applications range from contact lens property development to quality control of semiconductor surfaces.