ASTM D 5481 - ASTM D4741 - CEC L-36-A-90 - IP370 - SAE J300




- Measures 15 to 20 Samples per Hour
- One-Button Operation - Load Sample, Set Pressure, and Press "Start"
- Reduced Role for Operator Enhances Repeatability and Reproducibility
- Variable Temperature and Shear Rate for Research Applications

The CANNON® High-Temperature High-Shear Capillary Viscometer (HTHS Series II) is designed to determine the viscosity of engine oils and other oils under conditions of high shear at high temperatures. The HTHS is capable of testing at 1.4 x 106s-1 at 150°C and meets all precision specifications of ASTM D 5481 and SAE J300. The Series II design incorporates simple one-button operation, just load samples, set pressure, and press the Start button. The reduced operator role enhances repeatability and reproducibility. If desired, variable shear rates (± 30 percent of the shear rate specified in ASTM D 5481) may be obtained by altering the test pressure (variable from 75 to 500 psi). The viscosity range of 2-7 mPa·s can be extended to more than 20 mPa·s with custom configuration. Contact CANNON for more information.Oil samples are first introduced into the viscometric cells at the top of the HTHS. The oils then flow through small glass capillaries under pressure to achieve the desired shear rate. The five viscometric cells in the instrument may be operated in rapid succession. A digital stop-clock measures flow (efflux) time within 0.01 seconds. Flow times, temperature, and pressure are all displayed digitally. Data can then be analyzed with the computer software and test results displayed and printed.


The (HTHS Series II) viscometer is supplied with a digital temperature control system (variable from 30°C to 150°C), a digital pressure measuring system, automatic timer, and the High Shear Viscosity Calculator, a stand-alone software package for Windows® to perform HTHS data analysis and output.