ASTM D445 - ASTM D446




A New Approach to in-service Oil Viscosity Measurement

- Rapid Analysis (3 min or less)
- Reduced Lab Operating Costs
- Small Sample Volume 4 to 5mL
- Uses Low Cost 17x100 mm
- Standard HDPE Sample Vial
- Low Solvent Usage - 8mL per sample
- Quick Tube Replacement
- High Reliability/Easy Serviceaobility
- Small Footprint

High Performance Automation for In-service Oil Analysis

The miniQV-X from CANNON Instrument Company offers the laboratory an exciting new tool for convenient and rapid kinematic viscosity (KV) measurement. Occupying roughly the same footprint as a tabletop rotational viscometer, the miniQV-X automates the time-consuming sample measurement and viscometer tube wash/dry procedures associated with the ASTM D445 method, freeing the laboratory technician for other duties. The miniQV-X is designed as a rapid fully-automated viscosity analysis tool - an alternative to slower D445 compliant manual measurements. Operation of the miniQV-X is simple and quick with typical sample-to-sample cycle times of less than three minutes.

miniQV-X Features:

Viscosity Range:
- 40°C: 5 -800 mm2/s*
- 100°C: 5 to 50 mm2/s

Tube Type:
- Fast Run D446 Ubbelohde style

- Removable 25 position rotary

- Follows most ASTM D445 principles
- Shorter flow times than available by D445 with kinetic energy correction
- ±0.01°C temperature accuracy
- Quick tube wash and dry

Optional Accessories:
- Solvent Reservoir with low level alarm
- PC Computer control for up to 4 units
- Central Waste Repository with high level alarm

Bath Safety features suspend testing for:
- Bath over temperature
- Low bath liquid
- Empty solvent
- Missing sample vial
- VISCPRO® II software for Windows®
- Powerful reporting and LIMS connectivity
- The miniQV-X measures flow rates within ±0.001 seconds
- Thermal meniscus detection eliminates issues caused by opaque samples
- Bath temperature is controlled with accuracy better than ±0.01°C between 40° and 100°
- Low sample volume Ubbelohde style tube 4 to 5mL
- Low solvent consumption- 8mL typical per sample
- 10-fold range tubes for kinematic viscosity between 5 and 800 mm2/s @ 40°C